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Ultra Presoak 224

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Car Wash Types

Friction Tunnel, IBA Friction, IBA Touchless, Self Serve, Touchless Tunnel


Ultra Concentrate




High Foaming, Surfactant based chemistry, Titratable, Ultra concentrate


Convenience and value, Delivers optimum coverage to the surface, Quickly determine dilution ratio, Safety and good cleaning effectiveness

Product Description

Ultra-concentrated high performance All-In-One liquid alkaline presoak for all types of car washes. UF224 was developed with unique surfactant matrix, organic builder, and powerful solvent for the best performance in car wash cleaning. Ideal ratio of surfactant / builder / solvent in the product assures the best cleaning performance, in multiple car wash cleaning situations, with attractive foam presentation for customer appeal and economics.

This product has great compatibility to other alkaline products, surfactant blends, and extenders utilizing it in various environments. It has proven to be very effective in overcoming some water hardness and continuing to perform at a high level. It is perfect for Touchless Automatics, Presoak Arches, Prep Guns in Tunnel Applications, and Presoak and High-Pressure Soap in self-serve car washes.
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