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Vision™ Ultra

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Car Wash Types

Friction Tunnel, IBA Friction, Touchless Tunnel


Ultra Concentrate




Highly dilutable, No alcohol or ammonia, Non-streaking


Cost effective, Easy to use, No offensive odor, Safe on tinted windows


4 Gallon Case

Product Description

Vision™ ULTRA is the newest ultra-concentrated product from CSI. It is the most concentrated glass cleaner in the industry providing over 750 spray bottles from one gallon of product. This enhanced glass cleaner has been formulated for optimum cleaning and protection for glass surfaces so the consumer can see things clearly. It is a unique blend of surfactants and solvents that includes anti-fogging properties and has the increased ability to lift organic soils including tough oily films from glass surfaces. The product is safe for all exterior and interior car surfaces and will not stain non-glass surfaces including polycarbonate. Learn more at to improve your vision to 20/20 with Vision ULTRA.

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