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WipeOut® Base

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Car Wash Types

Friction Tunnel, IBA Friction, IBA Touchless, Touchless Tunnel


Conventional Concentrate




Biodegradable, Full compatibility, Highly effective, Titratable


Acceptable to waste water treatment, Excellent removal of dirt, oils and road film, No scum build-up or performance losses in "in-bay" reclaim systems, Quickly determine dilution


30 Gallon Drum, 55 Gallon Drum

Product Description

High alkaline concentrated liquid presoak base and surfactant boost designed to be blended together during the delivery process to product maximum results. Designed for frictionless systems, but also aids cleaning in hybrid and friction systems. WipeOut® allows the flexibility to adjust the alkaline base detergent independently form the surfactant boost. Produces exceptional cleaning results when used as the second step of the 3 Part Wave System with Riptide™ and WipeOut® Blend.

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