SKU: 621450

Additional Information


Conventional Concentrate


Commercial Transportation


Biodegradable, Cost Effective, Excellent foamer, Good lubricity, Titratable


Acceptable to waste water treatment, Excellent cleaning capabilities with a lower cost/container in comparison to many alternative products, Helps protect vehicle surfaces by reducing friction, Increases customer's appeal while watching tractor-trailer being washed, Quickly determine dilution ratios


5 Gallon Pail, 55 Gallon Drum


Bus Transit, Municipal Wash

Product Description

A mild, high foaming detergent with the added benefit of extra cleaning detergency for tougher cleaning applications. XL-1450 provides the added lubricity to protect tractor-trailer’s painted and chrome surfaces from the brushing of manual truck washes and from automated washes that use incorporate brushes. XL-1450 is also a great product for truck washes that use buckets and brushes for tough cleaning areas like the backs of trailers.

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