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XL-2712™ Multi-Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser

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Biodegradable, Cost Effective, Gavlon Industries, Oil Separation, U.S. Paint Corp.


Acceptable to sewage treatment systems., Allows solids to settle out and oil/water separation – enhances water filtration and reclamation systems., Economical per application and reduce storage requirements., Tested and approved by U.S. Paint Corp. as a cleaner in conjunction with their product warranty., Tested and approved to clean Gavlon Products, HS350 Polyurethane, 9815 Epoxy, and 9198 Zinc Epoxy.


55 Gallon Drum


Commercial Transportation


Conventional Concentrate

Product Description

A MULTI-PURPOSE CLEANER & DEGREASER, DESIGNED FOR PARTS WASHING APPLICATIONS: Highly concentrated liquid cleaner and degreaser formulated for rapid soil penetration and removal. Emulsifies grease, oil, and carbon on virtually any surface, in any cleaning application. Replaces industrial solvents for removing grease and grim, including mill oils, cutting oils, coolant, draw film, sludge, and carbon build up from industrial equipment and parts. CONTAINS A RUST INHIBITOR TO PREVENT FLASH RUSTING AFTER CLEANING.

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