Lustra® is a global leader in car wash chemical solutions and has evolved from the core strengths and foundation of CSI. The Lustra® brand has been perfected for over 40 years and is constantly fine-tuned for optimal performance. Lustra® has become the industry standard in the carwash business, leaving the competition to play catch up to our innovative thinking.



Product Ads & Sell Sheets


Vision™ Ultra
Base 021 Medium Alkaline
Liquibase 030
High Alkaline Base 031
Foamy Blend 103
Blend 104
Blend 106 Polymer
Blend 107 Performix
Low pH Presoak 200
Low pH Presoak 201
Low pH Presoak 205
General Cleaner - Reclaim 210
Salt Hat 215Salt Halt®
Ultra Presoak 222
Ultra Presoak 224
Low Pressure Presoak 231
Foamy Presoak 235
High Pressure Detergent Lemon Lime 240
Foam Brush Red Bubble Gum 250
Body Shampoo 260
Body Shampoo 265 Neutral
Body Shampoo 270 High Lubricity
Specialty Cleaner 280
Polish Base Unscented 300
Polish Base Raspberry 301
Polish Cherry Blue 311
Polish Cherry Red 312
Polish Cherry Yellow 313
Polish Cherry White 314
Conditioner Cherry Blue 341
Conditioner Cherry Red 342
Conditioner Cherry Yellow 343
Brilliant Blue 380
Radiant Red 381
Sunshine Yellow 382
Genuine Green 383
Perfect Purple 384
Drying Agent 400
Pearl® Black 405
Sealant 420 Unscented
Sealant 421 Tropical Fruit
Foamy Glo-N-Go®
LustraFoam® with Carnauba Wax 431
LustraShield® with BDR® - Brake Dust Repellent 440
LustraShield® with BDR® - Brake Dust Repellent 441
Tire & Wheel 500 Green
High Alkaline Cleaner 505
High pH - Alkaline Extender UF515
BugGoo® 520
Rust-Ban® 540
Peach 600
Bold & Fresh 602
Lemon 603
Piña Colada 604
Bubble Gum 606
Cherry 607
Tropical Fruit 608
Acidic Cleaner 700
Low pH - Acidic Extender UF715
Tank Fresh 720
Pit Fresh 730
Laundry Detergent 750
BugGoo Ad
LustraShield Treatment Sell Sheet
Ultra Concentrated Products Sell Sheet
UF260 Body Shampoo Sell Sheet
UF260 Body Shampoo Ad
Tire Care Products Sell Sheet
Salt-Halt Ad
Mixer Sell Sheet
MiraShield®6 Step Process Sell Sheet
Marketing Sell Sheet
Ultraflex System Sell Sheet
LustraShield Treatment Ad
Foamy Glo-N-Go Ad
LustraShield Sell Sheet
Conventional Concentrated Products Sell Sheet
Foamy Glo N Go Sell Sheet 2
BugGoo Sell Sheet
LustraFoam Consumer Handout
LustraFoam with Carnauba Wax Ad
LustraFoamSell Sheet
LustraShield Ad
LustraShield Consumer Handout
Barrel of MiraCleanMiraclean
The Answer
White Line Plus
Clear Solutions Drum Pack
Granular Base
The One Step® NC2™
One Step Plus
Performix - EC
The EDGE® with Bold & Fresh Scent
TheOption® EC
WipeOut® Base
WipeOut® Blend
High Pressure Wand Wash*
Resolution™ UN
Spectrum® Low Pressure Presoak
Spectrum® Bright Purple Presoak
Spectrum® High Pressure Detergent
Spectrum Foaming Brush Detergent - Red
Spectrum Foaming Brush - Blue
Spectrum Foaming Brush - Yellow
Spectrum Foaming Brush - White
Spectrum Tire & Wheel Cleaner
Spectrum Tire & Wheel Cleaner EC
Spectrum Clear Coat Seal Piña Colada
Spectrum Clear Coat Seal. Berry
No-Freeze Foaming - Blue
No-Freeze Foaming - Red
No-Freeze Foaming - Yellow
No-Freeze Foaming - White
Tire Jelly™
Foam-It™ Body Shampoo
Low pH Sensation®
Pearl® Sealant & Drying Agent
Pearl® Sealant & Drying Agent Lemon
FBX-5™ Highly concentrated drying agent
ProShield® Piña Colada
Clear LustraShield
Foaming Conditioner - Blue
Foaming Conditioner - Yellow
Foaming Conditioner - Red
Low pH Polish Blue Raspberry Scent
Low pH Polish Red Raspberry Scent
Low pH Polish Yellow Raspberry Scent
Foaming Conditioner Cherry - Red
Foaming Conditioner Cherry - Yellow
Foaming Conditioner Cherry - Blue
Tire & Wheel Cleaner Reclaim FormulaSpectrum® Tire & Wheel Cleaner Reclaim Formula
LTD 5000™