MiraShield Process

Mira Shield Process

Lustra Lava

The Lustra Lava is a high pH foaming shampoo that creates the “wall or fountain of foam” experience for the customer.

Recommended Lustra Lava Products

Lustra Shine

The Lustra Shine is a Low pH foaming cleanser that offers high lubricity throughout the main cleaning sections of the wash and counteracts the vehicles’ surface alkalinity.

Recommended Lustra Shine Products

Lustra Glow

Lustra Glow is a triple-color application of a true “surface smoothing” cationic polish. It creates a proper surface environment for the coming application of high performance vehicle sealant and protectant.

Recommended Lustra Glow Products

Lustra Shield or Seal

Lustra Shield and Lustra Seal are two excellent options for providing the lasting protection and shine that this process is built to deliver.

Lustra Shield

Lustra Shield utilizes UF441 LustraShield with BDR. It is a total surface protection made with UV protection, iridescent brighteners, and BDR ( Brake Dust Repellant ).

Lustra Seal

Lustra Seal utilizes UF431 LustraFoam w/Camauba Wax. It is a foaming sealant fortified with camauba wax to provide a deep, glossy shine

Recommended Lustra Shield/Seal Products

Set-N-Shine Rinse

Set-N-Shine Rinse is a final, preferably high volume, application of conditioned or spot free water.

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