Search Cleaning Systems, Inc.

Promo Pop

PromoPop is a set of marketing assets that can be used by car washes to promote their business, generate excitement, drive traffic, and create a bit of seasonal FUN!

There will be a fresh PromoPop theme which is seasonal in nature and can easily be implemented in car washes as their marketing/promotional campaign. Lustra will electronically provide its distributors & customers with the PromoPop asset series that supports that theme and promotion. Customers will get great marketing ideas delivered to them directly, along with assets to support those ideas, ready for print and implementation.


Assets will include

  • PDF Poster – artwork which can be printed and displayed around the car wash.
  • PDF Banner – artwork which can be printed at any local sign company.
  • Coupon/Flyer – artwork which can be printed and distributed.
  • Facebook Post – artwork which can be uploaded to the customer’s Facebook page.
  • Twitter Post – artwork which can be uploaded to the customer’s Twitter account.
  • E-Mail Campaign Content. – The PDF poster doubles as an e-mail graphic to imbed into a wash’s email campaign to customers.


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