David Treccariche, Operations Manager for Tiger Wash, discusses their use of ProShield® with Apexamer® Technology as well as other Lustra products and their resulting successes.

Next Generation Super Sealant Formulated with Apexamer® Technology

A cross-linking effect caused when combining multiple polymers to provide an apex level of protection to a vehicle’s surface!
ProShield® is an ultra-concentrated super sealant formulated with Apexamer® Technology. It provides an “apex level of protection” as a result of combining polymers that create a cross-linking effect or “web-like application” of protection. ProShield® is a natural, pure surfactant that has no artificial fragrances or colors to ensure its flawless and synergistic properties.

What makes ProShield® a “Next Generation Super Sealant”?
Apexamer® Technology is the new industry standard in protection and shine. A breakthrough in proprietary chemistry that incorporates cross-linking polymers puts Apexamer® at the peak of performance. CSI developed this technology to increase a vehicle’s hydrophobicity, durability against the elements, and protection against UV radiation. All of this is achieved without altering or damaging the surface of the vehicle.

What has been tested & true?
  • Ultimate UV Protection
  • Interlocked coverage that increases total surface gloss and provides longer lasting shine
  • Uses web-like application to seal in added surface protection against the elements
  • Ensures a drier vehicle surface to lock-in the protection

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