It is time once again for The Car Wash Show in Las Vegas! This year, we invite all to SHINE ON with Lustra®! Visit us at Booth #5012 to see our all new tire dressings that will bring a better and longer lasting shine to your tires while reducing sling. We will also be showcasing our Lustra® Enhanced Shine Products that will bring your repeat customers back to your top package every time!
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We also invite you to SHINE ON with CSI® and visit us at Booth #5012 to learn how our new technologies will revolutionize your wash. We have updated to be a total wash site management system that is cloud-based, user-friendly, and flexible to take anywhere. Receive notifications, monitor fluid levels, examine cost-per-car, view historical reports, and much more whether you are on the beach, golf course, or right at home with the app. Join us at The Car Wash Show 2018 for seminars at our booth to learn more about our advances in car wash technology.
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