Garbage Truck Dumping Steel Pipes Asphalt Paver Trucks on rural highway Oil field
Heavy Duty Degreaser

Are you in the market for an effective detergent that is safe, non-acidic, phosphate-free, water soluble and biodegradable?

Look no further, SolvX® is an alkaline gel cleaner that uses nanotechnology to deliver touch-free cleaning on heavy equipment. It sticks to the surface of the equipment, including verticals, and penetrates the dirt without damaging the painted or finished metal parts.

  • Removes leachate and staining from solid waste vehicles, animal fats from rendering facilities, vehicles and equipment and tough deposits on commercial transportation, paving, oil field and fracking rigs.
  • Is safe on any “soft” parts including rubber hoses, plastic fittings, etc.
  • Enhances fleet image, reduces fire risk and vehicle down time as maintenance techs can troubleshoot write-ups quicker and easier without the layers of grime!