Ultraflex® System, A Revolutionary Chemical and Delivery System. Past Winner of the Brian Campbell Leadership in Innovation Award

Still Revolutionary!

The Ultraflex® System is an advanced delivery system for ultra-concentrated, environmentally friendly Lustra® car wash solutions.

Ultraflex® System Benefits


with all conventional car wash equipment


you control and customize the car wash experience


takes up only a third of the space of conventional car wash products


you set the desired concentration level


advanced chemical formulations, using nano-technology


sustainable packaging, earth friendly ingredients

High Performance

ultra-concentrated formulations so very little chemical is needed to get desired results

An Ultraflex® container with eyeSight
Ultraflex® reservoir with eyeSight.one volumetric reading
Wall mounted Ultraflex® Containers
Schedule a demonstration of the Ultraflex® System and start dispensing chemicals in less than half the space!

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